June 29, 2017

Several summer home decor trends have been inspired in the past couple of years and have finally come to full fruition in 2017. There has been a renewed focus on matte, textured surfaces, and monochromatic color themes that use the potential of the color wheel. Here's are some of the more popular home decor trends of 2017.  The color green can be hard to choose. For ideas check out our Pinterest Boards to get you inspired. 

1. The color green.           

Image credit: CFDA

The color green can impart a natural aesthetic to a dull room. Representing growth and freshness, the color green comes in a variety of tints and hues. It can also be used with a complementary color, especially if you have a lot of deep reds and oranges in a room. Complementary colors are opposite on the color wheel, looking especially animated when used together. The color scheme of your room does not need to be complementary as well – analogous colors sit next to each other on the color wheel. For green, those colors are yellow and light blue. Because they are closely related on the color wheel, analogous colors look pleasant together as well.

Start by implementing a medium green to your walls, and then use different hues of the color in various parts of your room. Alternatively, you can go bold by using the green that has patterns on them, with orange accessories to pick up on the monochromatic scheme.

2. Texture


Image credit:designlovefest

Great furniture and accessories are the key points to making a room lively and functional. However, strategic use of textures can take your space to the next level by adding character. Textures like wood and textiles make a room feel cozy and complete, as the complex textures remind us of nature. One of the summer home decor trends is artisan furnishings that use bronze and black walnut, with attention to superior craftsmanship that allows functionality to meet with aesthetics. 

3-D wall boards have been another trend, which the tile industry has caught a whiff of. Artistic tiles use dimensional patterns that come in 20x24 tiles. These boards are easily installed and quickly add dimension to any room.

3. Raw materials

raw materials summer trends

Image credit:livingvintageco

In the last year, there has been a trend of using raw materials in living spaces and home designs. Raw in this context describes materials that are rough and irregular, naturally or artificially weathered instead of being highly polished. It's a design that engages the senses beyond the visual – it's a mix of surfaces, raw woods, stone, and textured metals that give the space a rustic, almost lived in feel. This trend actually stems from the commercial sector, with stores using reclaimed wood shelves and stone basins in their display counters.

4. Greenery.

As mentioned, plants are also being used to freshen up a space. Adding houseplants not only helps filter the air in your rooms, but can also make your home feel warmer and more welcoming.

There are so many ways and can approach this. You can put a towering plant on wheels like a fiddle leaf fig tree in a dark pot or place a row of small shrubs or bonsai trees. You can also train shrubs and other perennial plants by clipping them and giving them an attractive shape. Use these plants as accent pieces on top of a living room table or to create a border between rooms. Vine walls, aquaponics, and even a tree trunk in the middle of the room are extreme examples but an ongoing trend that has taken hold in the past couple of years.

5. Matte appliances

Image Credit:byshnordic

Following the trend of subdued colors with enhanced textures, matte appliances have made a bold statement in 2017. A matte finish strips away all the distractions such as overly shiny devices, forcing the form of the object to do most of the speaking and interacting with the theme of your room. Many home appliances tend to be synonymous with having an overly shiny interface like the front of a stove or and refrigerator. Instead, a more matte appearance adds an unexpected gravitas.

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