August 15, 2016

When you're working on decorating your house to look as homey as possible, there are many different techniques you can use. From furniture to colors to style, you have choices for how you can decorate your home in a fashionable yet charming way. Here are several ways you can use home decor to make a style that is all you and still lovely.


Pillows are the best way to add a splash of color to your home. While your walls, floor and curtains will be most likely be in subtle or neutral colors, items such as pillows, flowers and throws can bring your living room to life. Modern pillows will create a sense of home, as you can use them to lay on, for decoration or to hold tightly when watching a scary movie.


Having a throw blanket near your couch or your recliner is the perfect accessory for a friendly home. It's great for cuddling up with your spouse while watching a movie, or lounging with a book on a cool fall day. You can hang your throw rugs up on a rack, spread them over the back of your couch, or fold them neatly in a cedar chest by the chair. These can be bright colors or pleasant neutrals, and either bought or homemade.


You can add style and completion to your room simply by putting a well-placed rug on the floor. Don't get one that's too small, as that will look out of place and not add to the room but just confuse it. Measure out the space you want to cover on your floor, and then pick out the style. You can go for a neutral color that goes with the whole room for a classy look, or add a bit of fun with a crazy pattern or bright color.


These home accessories are great at adding personality and style to every room in your home. They are, of course, helpful in blocking out or filtering light, but they are also extremely decorative, and can give your room a beautiful elegance, a sweet charm or a popping edge. From draperies to sash to draw curtains, finding your style and color can make a great impact in how you room looks.


What better way to add loveliness to your room than with candles? These can give your home a scent that matches your personality, whether it be warm vanilla to make you think of homemade cookies, or spicy pine to spark your memory of last Christmas. Candles are very useful for creating a pleasant ambiance. They can be used year round, or switched around each season. They also give color to the surface they sit on, making the mantle or the coffee table stand out more.

What colors and accessories do you use to liven up your home?

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