April 10, 2017

With so many design options in today’s world, what makes the loft style so coveted?

Lofts have such an industrial vibe, it's hard to resist falling in love with the mixture of natural and exposed materials that give them that invigorating, urban feel. Style Motivation magazine sums the term Loft-Style quite nicely, “These days, loft-style refers to the combination of modern and industrial design that is commonly used in loft spaces".

When thinking of lofts, the first elements that come to mind are exposed steel structures, beams, brick walls, open spaces, wood and lots of light. It can also be tricky to design a loft space because they are so big, right? So, where do you start? How do you pull it all together?

First thing first, start sifting through loft ideas to get a sense of what inspires you to create your ideal urban loft bedroom.


Once you have your inspiration board done, it’s time to get started!  

5 tips to turn your bedroom into a loft bedroom


1. Furniture

Think minimalism when associated urban loft décor. Choose modern furniture that has light woods or fine lined metals. Stay away from big, bulky, dark tinted woods - Nothing ornate. Low-to-the-ground furniture pieces, and suspended media consoles or dressers are recommended for this look. Less is more when it comes to urban loft design.


2. Home Décor

Combine metals, woods, and natural materials to create an urban dweller’s haven. Buy accessories or wall art that has unique decorative schemes. Large wall art with abstract or a large white and black photograph will do the job in creating hip stylish urban bedroom.



3. Color

Choose natural hues, whites and grays work very well. Take a look at our Pinterest board for some great decorating ideas for neutral colors


4. Curtains

Keep curtains minimal or non-existent, if possible. If you must get window panels or curtains stay with a minimalist look without any ruffles, roman shades in neutral tones work well.


5. Bedding

Modern bedding, light colors, and clean lines helps create a nice focal point for the bed. You can also add a simple headboard for comfort. Make sure the headboard is not too ornate! Here are great examples of modern bedding to get the loft look. 

With these easy tips, you can now create an inviting yet cozy bedroom an integrate the basic elements to create your urban style bedroom. Let us know in the comments how your project turns out!

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